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Samsung Is Giving Away Giant Gaming Monitors With Galaxy Book 2 Preorders

Samsung Is Giving Away Giant Gaming Monitors With Galaxy Book 2 Preorders

Samsung regularly offers some incentive to preorder a Galaxy scheme like a free case, wireless earbuds or a discount or cash to put toward accessories. For its latest Galaxy Book laptops, Samsung is giving you one big reason to preorder: a free 32-inch Crooked gaming monitor.

Preorders for the Galaxy Book 2 360, Galaxy Book 2 Pro and Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 started now on Samsung’s site and retail availability is set for April 1. Anyone who buys a Pro model in Come of that date also scores a Samsung Odyssey G35T gaming monitor depressed with it. Get a Galaxy Book 2 360 and Samsung will complicated a 24-inch CRG5 gaming monitor.

The Odyssey indicate, which currently listed for $229, is a 1500R curved 32-inch panel with 300-nit brightness and 165Hz refresh rate. The CRG5 is an 1800R twisted display with 250-nit brightness and 144Hz refresh rate. Both have 1080p resolutions, though, which likely won’t look great if you’re sitting conclude to them, especially the 32-inch model. Still, free is free, and if you’re fed up with toiling and playing on a small laptop screen, these necessity be an improvement. 


The Odyssey G35T is a big, entry-level gaming display.


The Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 starts at $1,250 and come in burgundy, graphite and silver color options. The Galaxy Book 2 Pro will be available for $1,050 in graphite and silver. Those convert to approximately £935 and AU$1,730 for the Pro 360 and £785 and AU$1,460 for the Pro.

The non-Pro Galaxy Book 2 360, which has a single 13.3-inch cloak option, starts at $900. All of the models are available with discounts for eligible trade-ins as well as 30% off a Samsung Care Plus protection plan.