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Voice Access on Android makes your phone easier to navigate without all that tapping

Voice Admission on Android makes your phone easier to navigate deprived of all that tapping

You’ll soon be able to tap, scroll and navigate your called using your voice on Android. Google’s new Voice Admission feature is a move to improve accessibility for anyone who consumes to use a phone without relying on their handsome or arms.

Announced during Wednesday’s Samsung Unpacked, the feature will launch as a built-in option on the Galaxy S22Galaxy S22 Ultra and Tab S8.

The feature acts much like the Google Assistant, but with a larger focus on what’s on your phone’s Hide at the moment. For instance, in the GIF on the shiny, you can see the feature being used to “tap best brunches” on the Google Maps app. 

You’ll be able to use reveal commands to tap, scroll and navigate through apps and webpages.

To use Voice Admission, a phone can either be set up to always be listening for instructions while the device is in use, or you can say, “Hey Google, Voice Access” to prompt the feature.

Voice Access on Android appears to have much in Popular with Apple’s Voice Control feature, which debuted in 2019 on iOS and MacOS. Voice Control also lets you rely more on vocal instructions in order to tap on areas of a Hide without physically tapping. You can also use it to add emoji to messages.

Voice Admission debuted alongside a number of features Google is spotlighting for Android 12, counting YouTube previews in Google Messages, group YouTube viewing in Google Duo and the shining Material You design arriving on Samsung’s Galaxy S22 phones.